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Our website provides four categories of downloads related to the SETPOINT System:

  • Documents
    Datasheets, manuals, agency approval certs, installation drawings, and other relevant documentation for the SETPOINT MPS and CMS products are are posted here as they become available.  Everything is conveniently located in a single table, allowing you to quickly find what you need. 
  • Software
    SETPOINT Setup & Maintenance Software is used for configuring the system and for performing routine maintenance such as firmware upgrades.  It is also able to emulate the front panel display.  Even without a rack connected, the software is useful to those considering the purchase of a SETPOINT system that want to become better familiarized with its capabilities.
  • Firmware
    Firmware is used in UMM, TMM, and SAM modules.  It is also used with the touchscreen display.  However, there is no need to download firmware separately from our configuration software - the two are bundled together. Simply download our SETPOINT Setup & Maintenance Software.  When you connect to a SETPOINT rack, the software will automatically detect the current revision of firmware in all modules and display any applicable newer revisions, allowing you to selectively upgrade.  For convenience, our Firmware Page provides a summary table of all firmware releases, the version number, the release date, and the features introduced.  To download our software, visit our Software Page using the link above. 
  • VIEWpoint Newsletter
    VIEWpoint is a monthly newsletter published by SETPOINT Vibration. It is designed to address the needs and interests of SETPOINT users and non-users alike, offering practical tips for condition monitoring professionals, industry news/events of interest, and behind-the- scenes glimpses at the people and products comprising SETPOINT.  Our VIEWpoint page allows you to access current and back-issues of the newsletter, as well as subscribe.