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VIEWpoint is a monthly newsletter published by SETPOINT Vibration. It is designed to address the needs and interests of SETPOINT users and non-users alike, offering practical tips for condition monitoring professionals, industry news/events of interest, and behind-the- scenes glimpses at the people and products comprising SETPOINT.

We understand that you're a busy professional.  That's why we've given VIEWpoint a 6-page format that's short, impactful, and easy to digest when 15 minutes is all you can spare.

To access the current issue or any back issues, use the links in the table below.

If you'd like to subscribe to VIEWpoint, click the button below.  We'll deliver the newsletter to your inbox each month in PDF format.  If you prefer a hardcopy sent via conventional mail, just drop us a note at with your mailing particulars.


Issue File Type Month Description
16-1 February VIEWpoint Newsletter Feb 2016
16-2 March VIEWpoint Newsletter Mar 2016
16-3 April VIEWpoint Newsletter Apr 2016
16-4 May VIEWpoint Newsletter May 2016
16-5 June VIEWpoint Newsletter Jun 2016
17-1 Q1 2017 Coming in Apr
17-2 Q2 2017 Coming in May
17-3 Q3 2017 Coming in Aug
17-4 Q4 2017 Coming in Nov